How to follow dash diet?

How to follow dash diet? Dash diet is considered to be one of the best diet plan among all the diet plans.

People who are suffering from high blood pressure commonly known as hypertension , this dash diet was
originally developed for these people only, but today anyone can follow this! The dash diet is basically a
healthier version of eating for everyone, from adults to children , that can result in a reduced inflammation,
cholesterol and most important blood pressure. This diet plan doesn’t focus on emission of food from the
diet instead it focuses on food groups hence it is a sustainable diet plan and anyone can keep it for longer

What is Dash diet?

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, or DASH, is a diet that is suggested for those who want to lower their risk of heart disease and prevent or treat hypertension, often known as high blood pressure. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats are the main components of the DASH diet. One of the key ways this diet may help persons with high blood pressure, according to scientists, is by lowering their salt intake.

Dash diet can not just be compared with any other diet rather it is a diet plan that lowers blood pressure and help in managing heart health. Many studies have shown that this diet have proven in lowering blood sugar level and LDL which is bad cholesterol, both the major reason for heart disease.

Following this diet is not a big deal because it mainly focuses on the diet which should include fruits and vegetables. Dash diet should be rich in nuts and seeds. This diet includes whole grain food and also fats that is good for heart. This may also include some low fat and non-fat dairy as well as lean meat products. Chicken and fish can be the best example for the above mentioned information. On the basis of the need of calories, different serving sizes or amounts are recommended for different different food items or products in this diet.

How to get started with the Dash diet?

This diet does not include any type of processed food as they contain sodium in them which is strictly
restricted in this diet. Examples can be bread cheese and meat which significantly contain very high
amount of sodium in them including frozen foods and the foods that are eaten outside the home. To keep
an eye on this matter, try to read the ingredients present in the food which you are buying, before buying

If your food have more than 20% of sodium in the food which you are buying, it is considered to be a high
content of sodium in your diet while on the other hand, if your food contains less than 5% of sodium in it,
it is considered to be less content of sodium in your diet. Therefore, you should pay attention to this issue.

You should choose fruits and vegetables that are fresh in your diet including frozen food but without salt
or less salt. Other option include whole grain, meat ,legumes ,nuts ,seeds, fish ,all with no salt.
If talking about fruits and vegetables none of them are restricted or eliminated. It is said to have at least 4
to 5 varieties of fruits or vegetables in your diet plate daily which surely wanna result in lower blood
pressure or other cardiovascular disease.

Try to get started with lean protein like chicken, turkey, egg. In fishes, white fish and shell fish are
considered to be good source of green protein but only disadvantages being with these fish is that they are not rich in Omega 3s.

You can also have dairy products in your diet, but they should be low fat dairy product. Daily product
basically delivers calcium and proteins, but some like cheese also delivers a high amount of sodium.


Overall this diet is an effective way to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve heart
health with simple and effective ways. It does not force you or eliminates any major item from your diet
instead it just divides the groups on the basis of calorie content. You can follow this diet to reduce the risk
of heart disease, but normal people can also follow this for benefits such as weight loss, managing stress,
being physically active, not smoking, limiting the amount of alcohol intake, and improving heart health,

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