Will Vegan diet help to lose weight?

The practice of putting any animal based product aside from our lives specially in our diet Is called veganism. The individuals who follow this practice or method are called Vegans.

Vegan diets or veganism is getting popularized day by day and more and more people are getting engaged in this diet.

What is veganism?

Definition of Veganism was born by 1949. There is a slight difference between both the definitions, of that time and today’s time.

The latest definition of veganism can be of “philosophy or practice which tries to exclude all types of cruelty and exploitation towards animals Veganism can be called to a lifestyle that teaches us to exclude all animal – based products and try to limit animal cruelty and exploitation , as much as possible.

According to the report of Vegan Society, In 1944 the term ” Vegan “ was given birth by small group of vegetarians. To form the vegan society , they walked out from the Leicester vegetarian society in England.

In this practice of veganism vegan choose to take plant based product in their diet in spite of taking animals or animal based products. Vegan also don’t take dairy products along with eggs as they have their origin from animals.

It is said that, the term “vegan” was named because of the combination of first and last letter of the term “vegetarian”. The first ever for food and clothing or any other form of discrimination”. They try to implement it as far as possible and practical.

Vegas are expected to avoid animal exploitation or cruelty in all forms of their life. Everything , from clothes they wear to makeup they use etc. should be animal exploitation or cruelty free.

Vegans generally avoid purchasing woolen clothes furniture with leather pillows and comforters.

They should try to visit animal sanctuaries instead of going to any type of zoo or circus.

Why people go Vegan?

People choose to go vegan for various of reasons. They can be health , ethical , environmental etc. concerns.

  • Health

People choose to go vegan because of its high health benefits.

Diet in which meat is taken are at a highest risk of cancer , heart disease and some types of diabetes.

Whereas, on the other hand , by consuming plant based products, we are at a lower risk of heart disease or premature dying from any type of disease.

Decreasing your animal in take an increasing your plant based product intake will also help you to improve your digestion and lower the chances of having Alzheimer’s disease. Consuming a vegan diet can also help you in minimizing the side effects that are connected to hormones and antibiotics used in modern animal agriculture.

In a latest studies we can see that vegan diet now a days also help in losing weight. Several studies show that vegan diet is likely to lower the obesity.

But it is also observed that people those who are on weekend diet takes less nutrients in their diet. So you should have to plan before you eat and here the planning is most important .

To get a perfect diet schedule consult with your doctor or a professional dietitian two plan a weekend diet schedule for you which may help you to get important nutrients that you and your body may need.

Vegan diet cannot give the listed nutrients in proper amount:–

  1. Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iodine etc.
  • Ethics

These Vegas believe that each and every animal have freedom and right to live .

Vegas don’t consider in difference between animal and humans. They think at animals also do suffer and feel pain just like human beings.

Because of this thinking these Vegas are totally against killing of animals in attainment to feed themselves from their flash or have something made out of there fur.

They believe that just like human beings animal also suffers stress of psychological and physical problems because of modern farming practices. These innocent animals are kept in small kids or pens which is really brutal for any living organism.

Hence vegan considered model farming as a source of cruelty towards animals.

That’s why ethical vehicles are a post of eating any animal by killing them, specially when alternatives are available in the market.

Slaughter of calves and culling of 1 day old male chicken, hurts ethical vegans deeply.

These Vegas things that animal’s egg ,milk ,honey ,wool,fur,flesh etc. are not for humans to use and in return killing or hurting those innocent ones.

That is the reason why ethical Vegas are opposed to drink animal’s mill, opposed to eat their egg, opposed to wear clothes made up of animal’s skin etc. They have same gesture for both domestic and free roaming animals.

  • Environment

Environmental concern is also one of the reason for Vegas to avoid taking animal based products.


Recent studies are showing that , animal agriculture is one of the reason for evolution of greenhouse gas in excess amount which is responsible for climatic change.

People those who eat meets or non vegetarian people are considered to be responsible for 2 to 2.5 times more for evolution of greenhouse gas as compared to vegetarians or vegan diet people.

Animal such as cattle sheep goats etc are responsible for emitting the largest amount of greenhouse gas per gram of the protein they give. Therefore if we follow a diet that do not have any type of dairy product it will result in fever greenhouse gas emission.

According to reason studies it is found that large amount of plant protein are required for feeding of animals rather than human because of this diet with animals using this Earth’s resources in spite of producing plant based diet.

Animal protein production required 6217 times bigger land as compared to same amount of soybean protein.

Animal protein also requires 2 to 3 times more water as compared to plant protein. Because of all the above Mentioned factors , if we do not change anything on time are food system will exceed over plants resources by 2050. Hence many of them are switching to began diet in order to delay this prediction.

Types of veganism

Types of veganism include junk food, whole food ,dietary, raw food and low fat raw-food veganism. The food from which your vegan diet is made up of is responsible for the health benefits you have.

Dietary vegan: dietary vegans are Vegas those who avoid animal product in the diet but continue to use them as a part of their life, in form of furniture, clothes, makeup etc.

Whole – food vegan: Vegans of this category take a rich wholesome – diet including fruits ,vegetables, nuts ,whole grain ,seeds etc.

Junk-food Vegan: These vegans eat processed vegan food such as frozen dinner and deserts having Oreo cookies and non – dairy ice cream along with vegan meet ,vegan fries etc.

Raw food vegan: Vegas of this category feeds upon food which are RAW or are cooked below 118 degree Fahrenheit or 48 degree Celsius temperature. [118°F or 48°C].

Low fat raw-food vegans: These vegans avoid high fat food like nuts ,avocados and coconut in place of them they feed mainly on fruits. That is the reason their also known as fruitarians. Sometimes they can rely on small amount of other plants.

Now the most important question, is it possible to lose weight through vegan diet?

If you are looking towards losing some pounds, you should try a vegan diet. You have to avoid eating meat ,fish ,eggs or dairy products in this diet. In place of that , you have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables along with nuts ,seeds ,whole grain etc. as well as plant-based milk and other non-dairy products and meat alternatives.

Although some people choose veganism because of ethical, health and environmental concerns for animals but the vegan diet have it’s own health benefits. According to recent studies, several of them prove that being vegan helps in losing a significant amount of weight or helps in dealing with obesity.

Hence we can conclude that being vegan or adopting veganism is not only beneficial for health and environment but also deals with our obesity and helps us to lose weight. So the answer is , Yes ,it is possible to lose weight through vegan diet.

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  1. Vegan diet is good for health, but at the same time there are many animals food such as fish which is a good source of nutrients of vitamin D and B12 , egg rich in protein are also essential which are found in vegan diet in few amount. Yes we can say that excess of anything is harmful and it depends on individual which type of diet he prefers. Yes it is possible to loose weight by following vegan diet as well as by including physical exercise in our daily routine.

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