Is veganism a good for environment?

Is veganism a gocod for environment? Nowadays research has been proved that plant based products are being a good resources and act as a good variant against the meat and other things which are causing the climate crisis in the environment and so we can say that plant based products are being a boon to the environment so we can say that veganism is being a fabulous benefit for nature.

Benefits of plant based product

Nowadays more than millions of peoples are shifting their diets from meat and other animal products such as mutton and other beef pork to plant based product as they are protecting the environment and they are reducing the carbon footprints in the environment and thus helping the human life to protect the environment. The climate change the report has been submitted from the United nation and this has to be controlled so veganism is one of the best way to control it and most of the studies denotes that shifting to plant based diets and pulses could lead to  the reducing of greenhouse gases and it will protect the environment. According to The Lancet shifting to the veganism or vegetarian diets will be the greatest option to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and thus protecting the environment and a plant based diet will protect the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by more than 70% so it can be say said that a plant based product are one of the good variant and it will be one of the best option to protect the environment from the emission of greenhouse gases.

Is it good to be vegan?

The vegan diet is remarked as one of the best option to control the emission in the planet and it gives all the nutrients which are needed for the body to be strong enough but if a person want to be vegan uh they have to see that they have plant based products or not because plant based products are very expensive and are not available at all the time so it becomes somewhat difficult to be a vegan in some places but in some places it is available where it is fully developed but in some places it is difficult to find a vegan products to eat so we can say that veganism is good. Now talking about meat nothing can be really compared by the meat because they are in their own league are very destructive to the environment but from a study of Oxford University it has been proved that some of the vegan products and veg products like blueberries and strawberries create a large number of carbon emissions which is also affecting the climate change so it cannot be said that only because of meat it has been happened but if we shift from non vegetarian diet to vegan diet it will reduce some amount not full amount can be reduced but it can be controlled.

Some vegan products

Some of the good vegan products are listed below in our list the first comes the milk there are several types of milk available nowadays which is almond milk soya milk and they are highly nutritious and red so it can be considered as a best variant of normal milk and the second comes the soya it is a good uh source of protein and vitamin so it can be considered as one of the best a variant for any other meat or any other non vegetarian things then next comes the avacado which are one of the best fruits toget vitamin K and 1Kg of avocado uses to more than 2000 liters of water to be planted


In the last we can conclude that veganism is one of the best way to control carbon emissions and veganism is very good for the environment and if followed by three by fourth of the world’s populations the problem of climate change will be gone making it again one of the best preventive measures to prevent our nature from human problems

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