Does Dash diet really works?

Does dash diet really works? Dash diet is a very convenient dietary plan which is used by people in their diabetes and heart diseases journey and as well as weight loss journey also it is one of the three diets recommended by the US dietary guidelines for heart disease purposes, and thus it is a very important diet and researchers have been proved that it is the one of the most effective diet with very simple food supplements which are easily available to all the people in the world.The calorie intake in dash diet is between 2000 calories to 3000 calories.


Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, or DASH, is a diet that is suggested for those who want to lower their risk of heart disease and prevent or treat hypertension, often known as high blood pressure. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats are the main components of the DASH diet. One of the key ways this diet may help persons with high blood pressure, according to scientists, is by lowering their salt intake.

Dash diet can not just be compared with any other diet rather it is a diet plan that lowers blood pressure and help in managing heart health. Many studies have shown that this diet have proven in lowering blood sugar level and LDL which is bad cholesterol, both the major reason for heart disease.

Following this diet is not a big deal because it mainly focuses on the diet which should include fruits and vegetables. Dash diet should be rich in nuts and seeds. This diet includes whole grain food and also fats that is good for heart. This may also include some low fat and non-fat dairy as well as lean meat products. Chicken and fish can be the best example for the above mentioned information. On the basis of the need of calories, different serving sizes or amounts are recommended for different different food items or products in this diet.

History of dash diet

It was the wedge of time when millions were of people were suffering from diabetes and heart diseases at that time the US government started a study which is known as dash study to cure these diabetes and heart disease. The trials were also taken for these in the year 1993 to 1997 after this The US dietary guidelines provided a diet known as dash diet firstly it was very much preferred by the US doctors and specialists with the time it also started to be preferred by other doctors in the world because of its several benefits making it one of the most preferable diets in the world for diabetes and heart diseases.

Advantages of dash diet

Dash diet helps in weight loss journey, diabetes, heart diseases and many more diseases. It includes food supplements such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, poultry products, dairy products and fishes which are rich in minerals nutrients and proteins such as magnesium, calcium, iron which are essential for body and also that food supplements which contain less amount of sodium helping to lower down the sodium level and help in also lowering down the blood sugar regulation being a very important boon to the sugar patients.

Relation of dash diet to sodium level

Dash diet is a very important diet shown in the above paragraph, how it is helping in lowering down the sodium. Normal intake of a human per day of sodium is 3400 milligrams which is being decreased by 2300 milligrams by using the dash diet making it one of the great diet for sodium patients other than this the higher version of dash diet can lower down the according to their circumstances’ sodium level by 1500 milligrams ,and thus the level of diet can be chosen by the patient according to their circumstances.


 So in the last we can conclude that dash diet is a very preferable and useful diet for many people suffering from diabetes and heart diseases because of its food supplements such as roots vegetables etc. Which are rich in protein and other needed minerals. It is a very long-term diet which can be followed by the people and can be a great boon for their life, making them fit and active all their life thus we can say that dash diet really works well and it is one of the greatest creation of the US dietary organizations.

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